Zone: 1
Zone: 2
Zone: 3
27.000 HUF
37.000 HUF
47.000 HUF
36.000 HUF
46.000 HUF
56.000 HUF
58.000 HUF
68.000 HUF
78.000 HUF
65.000 HUF
75.000 HUF
85.000 HUF
80.000 HUF
90.000 HUF
100.000 HUF
150.000 HUF
160.000 HUF
170.000 HUF
Small truck: 1 m3
20.000 HUF
30.000 HUF
40.000 HUF

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Container carriage in Érd

By moving or building a lot of rubble, scraps, litter can pile up, and you want to get rid of it immediately, wouldn’t like to collect it in the

Rubble dispatch at Diósd

Do you know how much rubble and scraps can pile up even int he case of a simple building? It doesn’t rarely happen, because everybody has to live

Container order to Budaörs

Plied up building scraps can be easily dispatched by ordering container from us. Container made of steel will be delivered within short time from