Container carriage


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Container carriage in Érd

By moving or building a lot of rubble, scraps, litter can pile up, and you want to get rid of it immediately, wouldn’t like to collect it in the

Rubble dispatch at Diósd

Do you know how much rubble and scraps can pile up even int he case of a simple building? It doesn’t rarely happen, because everybody has to live

Container order to Budaörs

Plied up building scraps can be easily dispatched by ordering container from us. Container made of steel will be delivered within short time from

Container order Páty

Páty is a village in Pest county. In the neighbourhood in 4 kms distance, you can find Biatorbágy, from where Tatabánya and Budapest are easy to

Garbage, waste, lumber, scraps dispatch for private individuals, for building companies and for public institutions too.


Containers in different sizes:

  • 4, 7, 10 m3, multilifting, roller containers,
  • 20-25-40 m3 containers are also available.
  • If needed only 1 m3 garbage disposal is possible in Érd and it’s neigbourhood.


Garbage dispatch:

  • Domestic and houshold garbage,
  • industrial non-dangerous waste.


Lumber dispatch:
Domestic, household lumber (furniture, personal articles, green and garden refuse, garbage from removal and cleaning)


Building scraps dispatch:

  • Bulding scraps,
  • Building products (gravel, sand, pebble),
  • Gardening products (Soil,gravel).
For 7-10m3containers

For 4m3 container for building scraps

For 7-10m3 container for garbage, lumber

For 20-25-40 m3 container
6000 HUF / m3

For 25-40 m3
container-only for garbage, litter and lumber